Every AVRIL LAVIGNE Album Ranked! (Worst to Best)


Tube Amplifiers: Reasons Why They Are So Popular Today

Once again, we can see that tube amplifiers are rising in popularity. In fact, they are considered high-end audio equipment. In the 1960s, the use of the tube amplifiers was almost abandoned.

Tube Amplifiers: Are They Worth the Extra Cost?

Unlike today’s amplifiers, tube amplifiers or vacuum tube amplifiers contain vacuum tubes. These tubes are used for the amplification of the current signal, power, and audio. The interesting thing is that this technology is still in use in different instruments like guitars.

Why Is Art Garfunkel My All-Time Favorite Male Vocalist?

This is just an opinion piece I chose to write. It is about why my favorite male vocalist is Mr. Art Garfunkel. There is no special meaning behind it, only some thoughts I wanted to share with the public.

Morning of My Life (Bee Gees Song)

The Bee Gee’s sound can easily be identified as loud and lively performed by the famous three brothers’ vocal harmonies; with Barry Gibb’s falsetto voice became the band’s brand. The Bee Gees songs are considered oldies but goodies in music circulation.

How To Look After Your Instruments On The Road

If you’re a musician who travels with equipment, then you know the challenges you face in caring for your instrument for on the road. Having musician’s insurance is an essential requirement to cover you in those situations where you need to replace or repair an instrument quickly. This is especially true for travelling musicians whose livelihood is entwined with their instrument.

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