Bands Where the Singer Doesn’t Write the Lyrics


How to Listen to The Foreigner Songs Easily

Different people love to listen to different kind of music I personally like to listen to the rock music but some people don’t like the music that I like. I know it is a very natural thing one can like a specific kind of music which others may have different views.

Costa Blanca Arts Update – ADDA Simfonica in Tchaikovsky and Chausson

ADDA Simfonica, Alicante’s resident orchestra under its artistic director, Josep Vicent, offer a concert of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony and Poems of Love and the Sea by Ernest Chausson. Tchaikinvsky’s fifth symphony is a work that is often overlooked, sandwiched between four and six, works that are played more frequently. It is a work, however, that reveals mature depth.

The Most Notable Of Cat Stevens’ Session Musicians

Cat Stevens was a hugely successful folk-rock singer of the late 60s and 70s, enjoying considerable success and recognition on both sides of the Atlantic. In late 1969, his recorded output took a marked change, once he’d dispensed with the production services of former Springfields guitarist Mike Hurst and recruited the ex-Yardbirds bass player Paul Samwell Smith. The latter looked more favourably on the new folk-rock direction Stevens wanted to take and, with a new record deal signed for Chris Blackwell’s Island Records, Cat was able to embark on a fruitful period of writing, recording – and working with some eminent musicians.

TOMER Orenstein – A Source Of Inspiration For Aspiring Musicians

Music is a piece of art, which is something that you have to make, play, appreciate and have fun together. Although you can play your favorite music in your car while you are driving alone, music is best enjoyed with your loved ones like friends or colleagues. And this is true even when you are a musician yourself. If you think you can become a musician from the comfort of your home, you need to think again. Let’s find out how you can become a good musician like TOMER Orenstein.

Sunshine Soul

Back in the day KC and the Sunshine Band was on top of the US Billboard 100 and R&B charts in the mid seventies, 1975 to be exact with such hits as: “Get Down Tonight” “I’m Your Boogie Man” and the smash hit “That’s The Way I Like It,” well, there is a new version to the pop favorite “That’s The Way I Like It.” Varges Thomas has revised and displays his funk masters’ craftsmanship to this pop and R&B song. From the synthesizer keyboard sounds to the funky guitar rhythms’ along with percussions beats; this new…

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