Songs Are Getting Shorter. Have You Noticed?

Shostakovich Symphony No4 – A Personal View

The Symphony number 4 of Dmitri Shostakovich is the greatest artistic achievement of the human race. It’s a personal view. This is music that communicates some very hard truths about human beings, their society, the way they organise their lives and the threats they issue. It also reminds us how trapped we might be in a mechanical universe of our own making and conception, perhaps in that order. It owes much to Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique, but takes a long time to reveal its association.

A Touch of R&B and Soul

The kind of music that stands the test of time is music that causes you and I to reflect on time past; the present and future generations to come. When was the last time you really heard a sound that gets you to reflect on yesterday and gets you in today’s time frame as well?

How and Where to Learn Music

Music can boost your health in the best possible way. Not only does it have a great, soothing effect on your mind, but it also helps you alleviate stress and anxiety.

How To Nurture Your Music Hobby

Music is truly the voice of the soul. If you are looking to nurture your music hobby, there are several effective ways to do so. You just need to be aware of the right path that lets you grow and develop your passion for music.

Keith Moon: Those Who Knew Him, and Those Who Wish They Did

They say (Whoever “They” are?) that you should never meet your idols or heroes because you are certain to be disappointed. While that’s probably true, since who could ever live up to such a billing, these same said experts have never said anything about meeting your heroes’ friends, assistants, and/or significant others.

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