Harry Styles – Harry’s House | Album Review

Esteemed Classical Violinist Xia Xia Zhang Now Available to Perform at Your Event

Xia Xia is looking forward to opportunities to perform at events in and around Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, Shreveport, Galveston, and New Orleans in the near future. She invites proposed opportunities for: Ensembles, Concertos, Solo Performances, Piano Accompanied Performances, Private Events, Opening Slots and Festivals.

Garcia Abril and Kallinikov in Alicante

It is not often that a seasoned concert goer is resented with a programme that features exclusively infrequently performed music, except when featuring new works. Alicante’s symphony orchestra did precisely this when it featured Garcia Abril and Kallinikov in a concert with Isabel Villanueva as soloist and Manuel Hernandez-Silva condicting.

The Loudest Bands In History: 10 Ear-Splitting Acts Who’ll Batter Your Brain With Sound

For decades, musicians have turned their amplifiers up to 11 in a quest to blow audiences away with their walls of sound. From old-school heavy metallers to cutting-edge electronica artists, bands across a range of genres have shredded eardrums, damaged buildings, and even caused earthquakes from the sonic booms they’ve produced. In this article, we’ve outlined 10 of the loudest bands in history, described the impact their audio assaults have had on their audiences and arenas, and detailed how each of them earned their reputation as ear-ringing soldiers of sound!

The 3 Most Relevant Artists Of The 1990s In 2021 And Beyond

If you’re a 90s kid, you may remember it as a time of incredible musical diversity. As bands faced growing pressure to do something different to stay ‘relevant’, the genres began to branch out. Where heavier music in the 80s mostly consisted of classic rock’n’roll and punk, now grunge, alternative rock, industrial, and metal came to the fore.

Costa Blanca Arts Update – A New Season In ADDA

Alicante’s Symphony Orchestra under Josep Vicent opens its new season with Shostakovich, Prokofiev and a Philip Glass Concerto played by the Lebeque sisters. The sound this orchestra creates is becoming a pure joy.

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