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2013 Speakers

Introducing some of 2013's speakers at the Detling Summer celebration. Find out who's speaking in 2014

Malcolm Duncan

Malcolm Duncan

Malcolm is the Senior Minister at Goldhill Baptist Church, Chalfont St Peter. Malcolm is passionate about the importance of Christians being “good news people” and about the importance of holding together   in changing the world.

Malcolm is married to Debbie, a Nurse Practitioner. They have four wonderful children - Matthew, Benjamin, Anna & Rhiodna. 


Chick Yuill

Chick Yuill

Formerly the denominational leader of the for The Salvation Army in Greater Manchester, Chick  has spent over thirty-five years in full-time ministry leading and pastoring local congregations.

He is a passionate communicator who speaks regularly at Christian Conferences such as Spring Harvest and has frequently appeared on national radio and TV, including Radio Two’s Good Morning Sunday show. Chick also works for the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) in the North West of England, working with churches to promote and facilitate the concept of Whole-life-discipleship.

He has also authored of a number of books including, ‘We Need Saints’, ‘And God Created Sex…’ and  ‘A Terrible Beauty:  the fierce splendour of gospel and grace’.

Chick has been married to Margaret for over 40 years and have shared in ministry together with this commitment, “To model Christian marriage and Christian ministry in a manner that glorifies God and serves as an example to others.” Read more on his website


Jonathan Abbiih

Jonathan and Abbiih Oloyede

Born in Britain but bred in Nigeria, Dr Oloyede is a medical doctor by profession and called as a missionary to England and Europe. He was radically saved from Islam within the wake of the revival that hit the Nigerian Universities in the 80s. He was ordained into Pastoral Ministry in 1993 at Glory Bible Church where he served in full-time ministry for 15years.

He is a well known leader, writer and spokesperson within Black Majority Churches, Historic Churches and the Charismatic/Evangelical community. He is a popular events speaker at conferences across the Nation and internationally including Spring Harvest, Newwine, Soul Survivor, and Festival of Life amongst others.

Jonathan Oloyede is the key catalyst for the National Day of Prayer and Worship. His vision is to see the United Kingdom saturated with prayer.

In 2008, Jonathan and Abbiih Oloyede together as Team leaders started an independent church plant called City Chapel. Its mantra is Uniting peoples from all races and spheres into the Great Commission for Social Transformation. The church initiated the Newham Foodbank and a number of community projects via its Social Enterprise – East London City Projects.

Jonathan is blissfully married to Abbiih and lives in Kent with his two lovely children: Samuel and Hanita. He is a sports enthusiast, loves reading history and is fanatical about Scrabble.


Eric Delve

Eric Delve

Eric Delve was born in 1942 in Wimbledon, South London.  In 1963 he married Pat. Nearly fifty years, six children and nine grandchildren later, they are still together: ‘A miracle of grace on her part,’ he says.

He loves reading, listening to music, crosswords, good red wine, walking the dogs,  books about the World Wars, and is an avid ‘Goon Show’ fan.

He became a full-time Evangelist in 1972 leading many missions under the title ‘Down to Earth’.

In 1978/1988 he studied at Trinity College Bristol then entered Parish ministry in January 1993, at St Lawrence Kirkdale, in inner-city Liverpool.  He calls it ‘The place where I relearned the power of the gospel.’

In May 1996 Eric became Vicar of St Luke’s Maidstone from which he retired in December 2012.  He is Founding Director of People Without Limits, the parent company of the Detling Summer Celebration

He loves what he does and feels he is ‘one of the luckiest men alive.’

He has become well known for his day conferences for men entitled.  Echoes in Eternity’.  He says, ‘The revival we have been praying for, will not happen until Christian men rise up to seize their God given destiny.’

His book ‘To Boldly Go’ was first published in 1979. ‘Amazing!’ came out in 2009. Then in 2010 ‘Live Like You Mean It’ was released by Hodder Faith followed by ‘The Billy Fidget Letters’ (co-authored by Nick battle) in 2011.


Rob Parsons

Rob Parsons, O.B.E.

Rob is the bestselling author of Teenagers!, Loving Against the Odds, The Sixty Minute Marriage, The Sixty Minute Mother and The Sixty Minute Father as well as other amazing titles. He speaks internationally on family issues and is the Executive Chairman of Care for the Family, a charity committed to strengthening family life and helping others who are hurting due to family breakdown.

Additionally, Rob is the author of The Heart of Success and The Money Secret. He is a lawyer by profession and he meets and speaks regularly in the business community.

Care for the Family, launched by Rob in 1988, is a registered charity and its work is motivated by Christian compassion. The resources and support it provides are available to everyone, of any faith or none. Wherever families need care, Care for the Family is on hand to offer hope, support and encouragement.

Rob lives in Cardiff with his wife Dianne. They have two adult children, Katie and Lloyd.


Rachel Jordan

Rachel Jordan

Dr Rachel Jordan is the National Adviser for Mission and Evangelism for the Church of England. She works with the Diocesan Missioners and many others who see themselves as part of a network within the church with a special calling for mission and evangelism. She partners with the mission agencies and works alongside the Fresh Expressions team, Church Mission Society, Church Army and HOPE. She has a PhD in church history, has worked amongst prostitutes and drug addicts in Amsterdam's red light district and loves coffee and dark chocolate.


Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan, O.B.E.

Patrick has travelled to over thirty countries working with and on behalf of some of the poorest communities. His passion is to see children and young people, from the most deprived and challenging backgrounds, succeed in life - helping them to avoid making wrong choices and to overcome the challenges they face - to realise their amazing potential. To do this he has engaged with politicians and gang members, victims and perpetrators, police, councils and housing associations, and most particularly with the young people themselves and their families.

Patrick founded the charity, XLP, that today is committed to fighting poverty, supporting education and serving hundreds of young people and their families weekly in inner London. He is also the author of two books the latest being Fighting Chance tackling Britain’s Gang culture and is on the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice. Patrick lives with his wife and three children in South-east London.


Frank and Debra Green

Frank and Debra Green, O.B.E.

Debra is the founder and Director of Redeeming Our Communities, author of two books and a much-in-demand speaker in the UK and abroad.

Debra has had two books published. 'City Changing Prayer' was co-written with her husband, Frank, and was released in 2005. This was followed in 2008 by 'Redeeming Our Communities; 21st Century Miracles of Social Transformation'.

Frank is married to Debra and works as Operations Director for The Message Trust in Manchester and has an MA in Theology from Manchester University.

They have headed up the Youth without Limits leadership team for several years and have four wonderful children.


Peter and Michele Guinness

Peter and Michele Guiness

Firm favourites at Detling, Peter and Michele are part of the Celebration’s core speaking team. Based locally, Peter is the Vicar of St Mark’s, Gillingham and Michele is an accomplished speaker and author. She's written eleven best-selling books and speaks at many Christian events including New Wine and Spring Harvest.


Matt Summerfield

Matt Summerfield

Matt is Executive Director of Urban Saints (formerly known as Crusaders). Since 1906 Urban Saints has been reaching out to children and young people with the good news of Jesus Christ. Urban Saints are passionate about working with children and young people who have no church connection, helping them realise their full God-given potential as they journey from childhood to adulthood.

Matt is an inspiring author and speaker, and is a regular contributor at Christian events.


Arianna Walker

Arianna Walker

Arianna Walker is an author, speaker and the Executive Director of Mercy Ministries UK- a Christian charity providing residential support to young women struggling with eating disorders, self-harming, depression and the effects of abuse.

 Passionate about the Church's role in bringing hope and healing, she uses real life stories and experiences to inspire Christians from all walks of life to overcome brokenness and adversity to reach their God given potential.  Arianna is married with two children and lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire. For more info visit the website follow her on Twitter @AriannaWalker


Dr Adam Bradford

Adam Bradford

Dr Adam Bradford is a senior GP Commissioner for Southwark and leads a 6 doctor Christian practice in SE London. He is also first team doctor to Blackheath Rugby Club.  He has a Jewish background, and has been teaching Scripture in churches for 37 years.  His book ‘The Jesus Discovery’ made national news coverage, presenting new evidence regarding Christ’s humanity as a senior ordained Jewish scholar.  He is married to Gloria and has 4 children, all with active faith, aged between 16 and 23.  He is author of a verse by verse commentary on the Book of Hebrews, written in conjunction with the Rev Eric Delve. 


John Delve

John Delve

John Delve is profoundly Deaf: brought up in an Open Brethren Christian family in Wimbledon, he used to attend the same church as his cousin, Eric Delve. Currently living in Lee, South-East London he attends, with his wife Jean, the nearby Kings Church Catford. Although this is a hearing church, around 15 Deaf people also regularly attend, holding their own monthly Deaf service, where John is invited to preach from time to time.

John joined the Deaf Christian Fellowship (DCF) when he was 15 years old.  He became an Elder at its church in Rotherhithe, London until it closed in 1987 to join a mainstream hearing church.  Since the 1990’s John has evangelised internationally on various occasions in countries that include Estonia, Russia and Bolivia, South America.

John has sustained an interest and involvement in drama for over 35 years, spanning his DCF days and more recently in the Sign Cross Drama Team (1998-2012). Deaf People struggle with reading and understanding the Bible since it is not in their preferred language. Hence John is passionate about drama because he believes it is a visible means for Deaf people to access the Gospel and learn about Jesus.

John also serves as a Trustee of Go! Sign, a UK-based Christian charity that is dedicated to helping Deaf people come to know Christ and grow in him and is on the leadership team of Tabernacle Mission, a group that train Deaf leaders and outreaches among the Deaf in the London area.  

In his spare time John has always enjoyed reading about history and watching war and other history-related films. John and Jean enjoy caravanning to various places but beware! John supports Chelsea and AFC Wimbledon too! 


Katherine Hill

Katharine Hill

Katharine Hill is UK Director at Care for the Family, a national charity which aims to strengthen family life and help families in difficulty.

Katharine speaks and writes widely on family issues.  As an established speaker she has addressed thousands of people across the UK on marriage and parenting issues.  She has co-authored two books Rules of Engagement – a book for newly engaged couples, and more recently Keeping Faith being family when faith is in question.  She draws on her personal and professional knowledge in writing articles for newspapers and magazines, as well as in national and local broadcast interviews.

Katharine leads on Care for the Family’s policy agenda.  She is Acting Chair of Kids In The Middle, and a board member of the International Commission on Couple and Family Relations.   

Prior to joining Care for the Family in 2004 Katharine was a solicitor, specialising in family law, and has also served as a magistrate.

Katharine is married to Richard and they have four children.


Rob May

Rob May

Rob May joined the staff as Associate Pastor at Millmead in September 2009 following 11 years as Senior Pastor at Horley Baptist Church. He is married to Lindsay and they have 3 children and 2 dogs. Rob was a PE Teacher in Suffolk for six years and now only dreams about a once great sporting past. He trained at Spurgeon’s College in London and continues to serve there as an Associate Lecturer and Online Learning Tutor. He is a huge fan of The West Wing, reads a lot, really wants to improve his golf and quietly keeps an eye on Ipswich Town FC and the England rugby and cricket teams.


Francis and Diane Dognon

Francis and Diane Dognon

Francis and Diane (originally from St Luke's!!) met in Paris in Youth With A Mission.

They worked as church leaders in Paris for 15 years in a multi-cultural community until God called them to church-planting in Normandy.

Seven years later they run a network of churches and a coffee-shop ministry on an under privileged estate is Lisieux. They believe this is a significant time for Europe.

They practice English-French reconciliation, but mostly during the 6 nations or the World cup!

They have been married 22 years and have 4 children, all grown tall and mostly grown up!!


Francis and Diane Dognon

Adrian Steele

Adrian is a qualified accountant and works as a Finance Manager with MAF. He joined MAF in 2008 after spending 24 years working in industry for the likes of JCB and Bentley Motors and the road to coming to work for MAF has seen many twists and turns.

He is passionate about a number of things, but especially Men's Ministry and is part of the Men's Ministry team at his Church in Willesborough. He has always enjoyed watching and playing sport and has a lifelong love of Stoke City Football Club and has supported them for over 40 years.

Adrian is married to Bernice and they have 3 children, Caleb is 14, Charis is 12 and Naomi is 9.


Chris and Nic Kimmance

Chris and Nic Kimmance

Chris and Nic were born in 1972 in Brentwood and 1979 in East London, respectively. The lead Ashford Vineyard, which is a church that was planted out in September 2010 from Southend Vineyard. Having started in their front room, the church is now a hive of activity and reaching all kinds of people from all walks of life through events such as Geocaching, Scalextric, Family Camp and Wine Club!

Chris and Nic are both passionate in their belief that you can belong well before you believe and many of the people involved with Ashford Vineyard would not consider themselves Jesus followers at all. The church is thriving and Chris and Nic focus on wanting to make themselves redundant! While also working as a teaching and speech and language therapist respectively, they also run a large community choir that is given as a gift, from the church, to the community. Hundreds of people come along and enjoy the singing community that has been created.

They haven't written any books, but do have two beautiful young daughters at home; Lucy and Maddy!


Julie Wickenden

Julie Wickenden

Julie has lived in glorious Thanet almost all her life. She studied linguistics at university and subsequently taxation accounting (amongst other things). She has worked, mostly in administrative roles, for a variety of organisations including a bank, a remand home, a furniture factory and the church. For 10 years, she has been employed by Michael Yoakley's Charity Margate, which specialises in care of the elderly, the last 6 as the Executive Manager. The Quaker founded Charity is a 300 year old example of a Social Enterprise. Julie has seen the huge changes in recent years in the way care of the elderly is provided and funded, and is committed to ensuring that quality care with dignity is available to all in their latter years. Julie is married to Malc with 2 teenage daughters Faith and Dawn. All are regular Detlingers and Julie can usually be found in the Delegates' Office.


Emma Tanner

Emma Tanner

Emma Tanner is the founder of the Princess Project, a local Christian organisation that seeks to love and support young mums. She believes passionately in the importance of Christians seeing the needs in their local communities and doing something about them. Her first taste of God's heart for the disadvantaged and hurting in our society came through serving on Falcon Camps as a student, and He's been growing that passion ever since.

Emma is a big fan of harnessing social media for kingdom purposes. She has recently been bitten by the blogging bug, and is rediscovering her love of writing. She lives in Maidstone with her wonderful family: husband Graham and daughters Sophie (aged 7) and Charlotte (aged 5). The Tanner family love camping, which bodes well for Detling! Emma and Graham have been members of St Luke's since moving to Maidstone in 2003.


David West

David West

“Thy Kingdom Come” has been a passion of David’s for the past 25 years. That journey started out strongly rooted in the Prophetic Ministry, where major influences have included Graham Cook, Rick Joyner & more recently Kris Vallotton - not to mention countless friends who have encouraged & corrected over the years. More recently that has grown into exploring all the ways that God intervenes in and speaks into people’s everyday lives, with a strong emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12. His passion is to facilitate an encounter with Father God, though the power of the Holy Spirit, to release everything that Jesus paid for - to see people free to be and to do everything they are destined to be and to do. He believes that these gifts & ministry are best rooted in the life of the local church, working in team with the other Ephesians 4 ministry gifts. David meets regularly with prophetic team leaders from other local churches to train & host conferences. In his home church of 14 years, North Kent Community Church, David coaches & mentors people in the Prophetic, teaches the prophetic track at their School of Supernatural Ministry and heads up the Ministry teams @ their conferences. David & Christine have been married for almost 29 years and share this passion together, growing in their shared but unique ways.


David Graham

David Graham

David is a senior leader at Lifechurch Aylesbury, a multi-stream church serving the county town of Bucks. He has been leader of a further three churches over the past 27 years and still profoundly believes that the church holds the meaning of life in its hands and that raising up, releasing and resourcing excellent leaders is a central part of future-church in the UK.

David and Rhiannon have been long term Detling partners. Rhiannon is part of the fabulous Detling Youth Team which this year includes the two remaining members of the Graham clan Dan and Jon.


Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks has been a Church Army Officer fo 27 years. Most of those years have been spent near or in rural areas including Northumberland and Cornwall. Married to Jane they have three grown up children, two of them boys who live in Cornwall, their daughter who hasn't as yet flown the next lives with them in Hove.

Gordon works as the Diocesan Evangelist for the Diocese of Chichester and carries special responsibility for the Church Tent at the South of England Show, Fresh Expressions of Church and Back to Church Sunday.

Gordon is convinced that evangelism is a team game and that we must become evangelized and evangelizing communities of faith.

We need to foster expectancy that people through our witness will come faith and become disciples of Jesus.

'Evangelism should be a heartbeat not a hiccough'

'We should do things more evengelistically rather than do more evangelistic things'

How do we take the ebb and flow of rural life and build into that a dynamic that proclaims the Gospel in both word and in deed?

Do fuzzy edges mean a fuzzy faith?

Building story telling communities.

Gordon has co-authored with Simon Martin a Rural Evangelism Course that is available as a download from the Arthur Rank Centre

Gordon also sits on the committee of the Rural Evangelism and is Church Army's Rural Link Officer.